Thursday, June 17, 2010

The World Future And Mankind

Imagine a world where everyone has the ability to know the future that is in store for them. Imagine knowing who you will marry. Whether or not you will have children and how many. Imagine knowing how you will die. When and where. Imagine the possibilities that could happen. Imagine the dreams that you have until you know the future. Will you still have the same dreams or will they change. As a child I wanted to be a law enforcement agent. After learning what I know now, that has changed to wanting to go to another country. Had I known that would happen would I have made the same choices that I have done in the past to result in this life that I live? Would it still have been the same? What is written in the past is done. The future holds all the answers that we search for every minute of every day. The only thing that changes in some of us is how we go about doing the things that we love to do. How would that change the way we think? How our mind works. Are we the most compassionate beings in the universe? Are we alone? Some people believe that we have alternate lives. Some people say that we were something else in a past life. If this is true then this means that our brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, everyone that we have all lost are walking this earth among us and we do not know. People talk about soul mates. Is that meaning just a way of saying that our soul mates are the loved ones that we have lost? If we find out in the future what we know and learn could we really change the future? Imagine that people are consistently saying that the world will come to an end. Once the government starts believing this the world is lost. If you saw the future and know what is going to happen, will you do anything to stop it? Or will you do something to benefit yourself in the end? These are questions that most people do not think about. Most people do not think about others. Just themselves and their families. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone knew what will happen? Maybe then the world would be better for change. Maybe then the world would be worse for change. In the 1920’s people thought the world was going to end. They rioted, burglarized, killed. Killed for money, this doesn’t make since to me. Why? If you knew the future would you kill for money knowing that you will be dead in 2 years? Would you? I would try to figure out a way to reverse the effects of the world destruction. And hope that people would catch on. If you knew what you know now at an earlier time in your life, would you still be living this way? Would your life be better? Would you want to succeed to your benefit or the benefit to mankind? The benefit of our world? This is our world. A world that we do not take care of. We live our lives to come closer and closer to the destruction of earth. Earth has many ways to heal itself from the damage that we have done. Have you ever thought of why it rains? Scientists say that precipitation causes it to rain. What do you think? I will tell you what I think. I think it rains because earth is trying to clean the air that we breathe for us. Have you ever gone outside after it rains and smell the air. It smells good doesn’t it? Why? I think it’s because the earth has succeeded in cleansing the air. Then we destroy it again with our cars, trucks, and other polluting forms of transportation. Try this I recommend it. While your car is running put your hand about 6 inches from the exhaust pipe and feel the heat. Now, imagine that heat 1 billion times. That is the approximate amount of cars that is in the world. Take that heat and shove it in the air along with the toxins it carries. Perhaps then someone will get a clue of what damage we are really doing to the planet. Why are we wasting time and energy going to other planets to see if we can reside there? We will only destroy that one to. Think about it. The government realizes how we messed up our planet and see a worldwide destruction coming. As a result they are looking for a way out so they are going to go to another planet to destroy. Mankind is the most destructive creatures that walk this earth. You don’t see bears or lions tearing down trees or mountains to make itself a mansion. Think about what we are doing to this planet. Think about it this way if you do not see the point I am trying to make. Imagine for a second that this world is your body. We live on it. All the hairs on your skin are trees. Imagine we cut the trees down. To make houses. What is the purpose of hairs on our skin? In early times it served the purpose of keeping us warm. So trees serve this purpose to the earth. They provide shade and warmth when we need it. When animals need it. Mountains add to the beauty as well as a purpose. These high point hills have been a great source of water for the planet. Most of the mountains collect snow which breaks down and melts giving plant and trees water for the duration of the year. So why do we want to disturb that? So I ask you again, what if you knew the future and what it holds. Would we still do the same things the same way? Or would we help this world instead of destroying it? Some people will read this and not agree with anything that is written in the past pages. Honestly, you are the ones that are destroying the planet the most. You do not understand that man’s actions hurt the planet and now this world wants to heal itself. The only way it knows how to do that is by destroying man. We have learned that over the years astronomers have discovered that our moon is floating further away from us. Why do you think that is? I believe that is happening because earth’s atmosphere is being destroyed. The gravitational pull is weakening as a result of this. So perhaps if we find a way to correct this we will be able to help the planet heal itself. Instead of using vehicles that put out heat and toxins, we should use the suns natural energy. If we knew the effects of our actions that are happening now at an earlier time, we would be able to save the planet. We have destroyed her so much that the effects are irreversible. So I thank all of mankind for destroying our world. Including myself. So a big thank to all human life.

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