Thursday, June 17, 2010

Society And Government Against Homosexuality

What would the world be like if there were no choices? If man cannot make decisions on their own. How would the world react? One day the government wants to say that we cannot have free will. Think of it as in the Sims games. Where you can turn off the free will of the Sims. Would our world be like that? Or is that called communism? Now, that is a type of government we do not like. However, is that what it is getting down to be? As the world moves more and more laws are passed stating what we can and cannot do. Check out the laws on relationships. Who is it to say that I cannot have a boyfriend or those women who want a girlfriend and want to get married? Why does the government can decide on this? We live our lives to be happy, not to be governed upon who we can and cannot be with. If your girlfriend makes you happy then by all means be with her. Do not let the government tell you that you cannot be with her just because they say you cannot. Homosexuality has been going on for centuries. In the early dynasty days there were many parties in which the men would get together and have sex with each other. It is still going on today. A lot of the decisions that happen are under the heart impulse. Many of my friends are homosexual. In fact I grew up around it all my life. I am comfortable with it. Why is it so hard for others not to be comfortable with the idea of 2 guys or 2 girls being together? It doesn’t make since to me. If a guy loves another guy and the feeling is mutual between them then that to me says that love is stronger than any laws that the government is trying to impose on the love life between 2 adults. Does it really matter? It seems to me that the government is trying to find more and more ways to govern how we live our lives. But that my friend is not allowed according to the constitution. Show me where in the constitution it states that the government can tell us who we love. In the Bible it states that love is supposed to be between a man and a woman. Which according to many that is what they try to live by, to me that is rubbish. There are a lot of political icons that were gay. Still today there are a lot of sports icons that are gay. Rosie O’Donnell is also gay. Look what she has done with her life. Yet no one had anything to say about it. The government couldn’t say anything about it. When the prop 8 thing was happening, I saw one poster that made me think. “We did not vote for your marriage, so why vote for ours?” That was a nice poster. It got the point across. No one voted on your marriage. That was true, so why try to dictate who homosexuals can and cannot be with? It’s not your place to say who we could be with. I myself cannot say who homosexuals can be with. It’s not my place. All I can do is hope that you have a nice time and healthy relationship. So why is the world and society trying to tell who everyone can be with? If love is in the air with whoever they may love let them be. Stop trying to be ignorant and homophobes on the matter. Love is love. So just shut the fuck up and bite your tongue.

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  1. I like this one a lot (:
    I agree 100.1 %
    I gave you my reasons why on yahoo (: