Monday, July 26, 2010

Love Hurts

If you love someone why must they hurt you? Why must they take advantage of the situation and decide to physically and mentally hurt someone? This is the same person that says ‘I love you.’ This is the one that you go to sleep in the evening next to and wake up to their smiling face. The same smiling face that was just being smacked around the night before. As you look at her in the face smiling at you, you see the bruise on her eye that you gave her because she didn’t have your dinner ready for you when you got home. You had to wait for 5 minutes. Here is the smiling face that says ‘Good morning.’ You get mad because she is still lying in bed and not making your breakfast. You have a mad stern look on your face and she wipes the smile off her face and asks so quietly ‘Baby what’s wrong?” She looks so scared. What do you do? Do you hit her again like you did last night? Or do you take that as a chance to start a new life with her. Turn a new leaf over in the relationship. Which that is, show her the real love. The love that is supposed to be felt. You hear all time that men are going to jail for domestic abuse. You think to yourself that that can’t happen to you. So what do you do? Do you hit her? Yes that seems logical. You put your hand up and smack her on the face and yell at her for not making your breakfast. She starts bleeding from her lip. She cowers down from the blow that she took from you. Feel pretty powerful don’t you? Well how about this. As soon as you go to work she goes to the police and tells them everything. Takes pictures and a report, gets an arrest warrant. Guess what buddy, you are in the slammer. All for what? You wanted your breakfast and wanted to boss her around? Well now she is not living in fear anymore. You are behind jail cells where you belong while she is out with friends and spending your money. In addition the next day she goes to the court house and files for a restraining order. All the while you have no clue that this is going on. The judge grants her the restraining order. A few days later you get out after serving your term. The corrections officer gives you a form that states that you are being restrained from your lover. Now you are really pissed off. You go to a friends house that you know has a gun. You get the gun and go to her. You break the door down. You see her face as she tries to get away from you to get the phone. You grab her by the hair. Still holding the gun, you yell at her. You hit her in the stomach. She starts crying and fights back. Kicking and screaming. She manages to kick you in the leg. This angers you even more. You point the gun in her face. Pulling the hammer back, holding her by the hair. She pleads with you, ‘No, please don’t’. You tell her to shut up and pull the trigger. Shot rang out sounding like thunder. Her blood splatters on the wall. All over you, your clothes your face. You start to yell even more. In the distance you hear sirens. You know they are because of you. You just spent the last 3 months in jail, so you know what murder is going to be like. You look at her lifeless body. Head and brain matter strung all over the walls and sheets. Looking down at yourself with the same disgusted look on your face. The cops break down the door. You hear them coming running up the stairs. Still looking around you, then at the door. Lights are flashing in the hallway leading to the doorway. Footsteps are coming closer faster. And all you had to do was not hit her that last time and just start fresh. You look at the gun and put it in your mouth and squeeze the trigger.