Thursday, June 17, 2010


Let us take a trip to the earlier times shall we? By earlier times I mean the time in which women and men we respectful towards each other. Why are you laughing? Is it because men never respected women? I agree. Men never respected women. So why am I saying that we should go back? I am simply stating that we should go back and see what happened. What happened that made this an issue. Look at the men in our lives and determine where the wrong has started. Every day we hear about men abusing women both emotionally sexually and physically. Take a look at the majority of the rapes and physical hurt that occurs on a daily basis. Two things are happening here. Either, men are being abused and are too afraid to say something or the fact remains that men are more and more aggressive to women. I am looking at the possibility, no, the fact that men are more and more aggressive. Why is this true? Why do men have to hit women? It is not right that his is happening. Not right that it continues. There is no excuse for this to be happening. As the years go on the domestic violence and the sexual assaults continue to rise. Are we that stupid? This needs to come to an end. Everyone needs to understand that the world is changing, so therefore the ways of the human race must change. Change in the way that could and should protect the women from such things happening. So many couples are saying that they love each other, two weeks later or that night the police authorities are alerted to domestic abuse. The male states that the woman hit him so he retaliates with a hit of his own. Guys, don’t you know that your physical strength is more advanced than women? When you hit someone you may think you hit softly but to women it is extremely hard hit. Not to say that women are weak but brute force is not one of the women’s strong points. Domestic violence has risen beyond 20% in the past decade. When are we going to understand that women are living creatures? Creatures that need love, compassion, understanding, romance just to name a few. Why not realize it now? If everyone realize it and understands that this world is the way it is because it is and always have been run by men, put a women in leadership. Make her president. What do we have to lose? I guarantee that she will do more good than all of former President Bush Jr. and Sr. have done all the years that they were in office. That is a fact. Women are not worried about war. The real issues that this world encounters will be resolved and abolished. Then she can move on to the next item on the agenda. Imagine that? What are we so afraid of? Elect a woman to run this country. Let her flourish in all the ways a man cannot. She would know what to do about the terrorism more than men would. I guarantee she would handle it swiftly and diligently. Quietly would also be happening. Let her teach us how to be better people. She will teach us how to be a better example of men. Show us and make us understand the hardships and creative side of the woman mind. No man understands how the woman mind works. This new president woman will give us an opportunity to understand her. You know what is funny? She does not have to be president for men to understand her. Just listen to her for once. You will be thankful. Shut off the football games or stay home instead of going with the boys. Spend time with her. Learn from her. Understand her. Listen to what she has to say. Only then will you begin to understand what she has to offer. Not only will you be happy, so will she. Your relationship will grow stronger and you will learn more about her than just the usual. She will appreciate the sudden interest that you have in her. While you are reading this you are wondering why I don’t have a girl friend. I will be happy to tell you. It is because I did not appreciate who she was until it was too late. I understand what went wrong and so I am telling you all about it. Telling you what you should do. No, not telling you but advising you. Giving advice that would help the relationship that you have. Some men understand this philosophy. Some don’t. I am talking to the ones that don’t. So sit down, shut up and listen to her. Do not interrupt unless you have a question pertaining to what she was saying. Don’t let anything interrupt you and her time. No phone calls, no TV, nothing. Just understand that the more often you do this the stronger your relationship will be.

The U.S. Government

Our economy is bad. Our crime rate is up. Our lives are in the hands of politicians that make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. So, where is our money? Why do we support other countries and help other countries if we cant help ourselves? Our country has been in this dire need of help for over a decade. Yet we are helping other countries. To the government officials, I think most agree with me when I say help us and stop helping other countries. Stop trying to be the savior to others when we have people in our country that needs the help. I am a writer. I have a A+ certification. But yet I am unable to find a job. I blame the economy. I have done research and talked to many people who feel the same that I do, on the level that the government just doesn't care about its people. Well guess what slimy politicians and government officials? I care. We care. We need stability. In order for that to happen we need to stop worrying about others and worry about what is going on in the US. We have the ability to turn this country around economically in a matter of months maybe a year. How? Stop giving away our money. Instead put the money back to the people. The people that pay your salary. The people that help you get elected. One thing that I have learned is that in order to be in politics you need to have very extraordinary lying skills. Enough to convince the public. Lets all band together and get our country back. Get the country back to the way it has been supposed to be. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is our model. However they do not say to whom it applies to. How many of us are struggling? According to the research that I did, I found that 2 out of 3 people are struggling. Why? One word. 'Government'. Yes, that is right. The government is preventing us from taking advantage of what our lives would really be like if we pursued happiness. They are living in mansions, while others are on the streets living in cardboard boxes. Did you take a shower this morning? What about last night? How many people in OUR country cant take showers? Instead of looking at Haiti. Look at us. Look at how people are hungry here. Look at how people are living. Do you think that is happiness to them? If you looked at how my life is, you will say that I am among millions of Americans that say they are not happy. So, Government officials, get with the fucking program. Learn from history and apply it now while there is still a chance. History is put in place so that we may learn from it and prevent things from happening. Or, is it your intention to screw us all? I think it is. In addition to screwing us, you people are screwing your grand-kids in the long run. Don't you see the problems that you are causing us? Don't you get it? People that have served the military are now serving themselves on the street. Eating out of trashcans, sleeping behind buildings or under bridges. Why and for what? You are the cause of this, Government. You are. All of you. Maybe if you get your heads out of your asses and off your high horses you will see. I guess that is too much to ask though. I understand that there are more people in this country that are worse off than I am. So help them. Help the people. Stop helping yourselves to the money that is supposed to be ours and stuffing your wallets with it. Give back to the communities. Give back to where we need it most. Help those that are disabled and have been denied disability. Help those that need it. Don't deny the truth. To deny the truth means that you deny yourself. In conclusion, what are you going to do? Are you going to continue to rape us, or are you going to stand up and be men and women and help people here, in our own backyard?

Love the Unloved

What does the spirit of Christmas mean to you? Does it mean that you must be with family? Friends? Loved ones? Alone? I am not sure about this question anymore. If Christmas is supposed to be spent with family then why are there people alone in this world that do not have families that they can see or be happy with? On Christmas, I was thinking about all the people in which do not have family they may go visit or be with. It made me sad. I am not sure why this is happening. There has to be a way to prevent this from happening. Why must the single and deserted people get stuck in a bind around a holiday? Think of it this way. On Valentine’s Day, let’s say that you are single, no family. What do you do? Do you stay in the house by yourself? Or do you treat yourself to something fun. Treat yourself to a movie, a new hairdo? What do you do? I will tell you one thing. Life is always lonely when you are alone. However what is the whole reason why people are lonely? Maybe it’s because they really have no one. Its hard for me to believe this. I will tell you why. It’s hard because as humans we have a tendency to be dependent on love. Yes you read right love. Love is a huge part in a human’s life. Without love the reason for living might be considered as wasted. You may have all the money in the world, fame and still be in the position of misery because you have no one to love and no one to love you. Love. It’s a crazy word. Small, yet powerful. There are many things that we have associated with the word. Music is a big part of it however so is Valentine’s Day. So again, what would you do if you are alone on a huge family oriented holiday? There are a lot of issues that people have I understand that. I have them as well. Everyone wants to feel loved at one point or another, whether it is a love of intimacy or a love by family. It is hard to describe the feeling of this happening to someone. What do you do when the world has you alone and scared? Some people believe that they are happy without love. How is this possible? Love is human nature to feel. Its expected. Think about the times that you were not with your husband or girlfriend. Were you truly happy? I know that I am not truly happy at this point in my life. The person that I love is married. It is hard to fully comprehend the meaning of love. Now I ask myself if I would be happy with that person just for a day. The answer is no. The reason I say that is because I know that she would go back to her husband and not be with me. So if you ask me if I had a good Christmas, I would say that I had a good time but I was not happy. You see it goes back to the previous statements at the top of the page. I do not have anyone that loves me, nor do I have anyone next to me to love. It has been more than a year since I last said I love you to someone special. That makes me wonder what flaws that I have and what I need to change in my life to get that special someone. I do not understand why our minds and souls need to be loved by one to be completely happy. It is beyond our understanding. Scientists may think they have a reason. Show me one emotion that our scientists can explain with no contradictions whatsoever. I want to understand why humans need to love to survive. Why do we rely so much on this certain emotion to make us content with our lives? Many times I have thought and daydreamed about loving someone so much that I was happy. Many times I have thought what it would feel like. I have not been able to answer my own question. What would life be like if…..? We can all ask ourselves this question pertaining to love. However, we will never be able to fully understand why we need to love to be happy. I have asked so many that question and none were able to answer me. All the people in the world that have no one to love over the holidays are feeling like they are not wanted in society. It’s more of a outcast. I have asked around to those that needed someone to love them what they felt like over the holidays. It comes to the conclusion that they feel ill, not wanted, needing an outlet. Finding some sort of companionship, they will be seeking. In most cases, when they realize that no one loves them they ultimately commit suicide. So when are we going to start helping those that are loveless in life? I would be happy to love those that feel loveless. There are so many people in the world that struggle with this every day. People that are lawyers, business owners, ect., but have o one in their lives to love. Why is this so important? I am among the many people that are not loved in companionship. Yes I have family. I try to do something family oriented, but I feel that I am casted out in society. That has been forgotten in the cycle of love, one that is not wanted for any reason. So you may ask me how that makes me feel. Horrible, I felt like shit. Everyone desires a emotion to feel wanted. There are no exceptions to the rule. Repeatedly growing up we all have had boy and girlfriends. What was the feeling you had when you did not have one? Someone needs to think about those that have no one in their lives to love. When you gathered around the table on Christmas, how many of you honestly thought about the people that have no one to love one that day? I bet none of you did. A very small percentage, if so. I am among that small percentage that does think about them. I am partial to thinking about things that people don’t think about. In earlier writings, you will figure that out. Honestly, I don’t care if you do not like what I have to write. Nor do I care if you don’t like me. I type the truth and always have. I will continue to write this way until I feel that I have made someone think about others, and stop thinking about themselves all the time. I am always in the mood to hear what people think. However I do not think that people are all bad. Everyone has their own way of thinking. My thinking is just different than others.

Society And Government Against Homosexuality

What would the world be like if there were no choices? If man cannot make decisions on their own. How would the world react? One day the government wants to say that we cannot have free will. Think of it as in the Sims games. Where you can turn off the free will of the Sims. Would our world be like that? Or is that called communism? Now, that is a type of government we do not like. However, is that what it is getting down to be? As the world moves more and more laws are passed stating what we can and cannot do. Check out the laws on relationships. Who is it to say that I cannot have a boyfriend or those women who want a girlfriend and want to get married? Why does the government can decide on this? We live our lives to be happy, not to be governed upon who we can and cannot be with. If your girlfriend makes you happy then by all means be with her. Do not let the government tell you that you cannot be with her just because they say you cannot. Homosexuality has been going on for centuries. In the early dynasty days there were many parties in which the men would get together and have sex with each other. It is still going on today. A lot of the decisions that happen are under the heart impulse. Many of my friends are homosexual. In fact I grew up around it all my life. I am comfortable with it. Why is it so hard for others not to be comfortable with the idea of 2 guys or 2 girls being together? It doesn’t make since to me. If a guy loves another guy and the feeling is mutual between them then that to me says that love is stronger than any laws that the government is trying to impose on the love life between 2 adults. Does it really matter? It seems to me that the government is trying to find more and more ways to govern how we live our lives. But that my friend is not allowed according to the constitution. Show me where in the constitution it states that the government can tell us who we love. In the Bible it states that love is supposed to be between a man and a woman. Which according to many that is what they try to live by, to me that is rubbish. There are a lot of political icons that were gay. Still today there are a lot of sports icons that are gay. Rosie O’Donnell is also gay. Look what she has done with her life. Yet no one had anything to say about it. The government couldn’t say anything about it. When the prop 8 thing was happening, I saw one poster that made me think. “We did not vote for your marriage, so why vote for ours?” That was a nice poster. It got the point across. No one voted on your marriage. That was true, so why try to dictate who homosexuals can and cannot be with? It’s not your place to say who we could be with. I myself cannot say who homosexuals can be with. It’s not my place. All I can do is hope that you have a nice time and healthy relationship. So why is the world and society trying to tell who everyone can be with? If love is in the air with whoever they may love let them be. Stop trying to be ignorant and homophobes on the matter. Love is love. So just shut the fuck up and bite your tongue.

The World Future And Mankind

Imagine a world where everyone has the ability to know the future that is in store for them. Imagine knowing who you will marry. Whether or not you will have children and how many. Imagine knowing how you will die. When and where. Imagine the possibilities that could happen. Imagine the dreams that you have until you know the future. Will you still have the same dreams or will they change. As a child I wanted to be a law enforcement agent. After learning what I know now, that has changed to wanting to go to another country. Had I known that would happen would I have made the same choices that I have done in the past to result in this life that I live? Would it still have been the same? What is written in the past is done. The future holds all the answers that we search for every minute of every day. The only thing that changes in some of us is how we go about doing the things that we love to do. How would that change the way we think? How our mind works. Are we the most compassionate beings in the universe? Are we alone? Some people believe that we have alternate lives. Some people say that we were something else in a past life. If this is true then this means that our brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, everyone that we have all lost are walking this earth among us and we do not know. People talk about soul mates. Is that meaning just a way of saying that our soul mates are the loved ones that we have lost? If we find out in the future what we know and learn could we really change the future? Imagine that people are consistently saying that the world will come to an end. Once the government starts believing this the world is lost. If you saw the future and know what is going to happen, will you do anything to stop it? Or will you do something to benefit yourself in the end? These are questions that most people do not think about. Most people do not think about others. Just themselves and their families. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone knew what will happen? Maybe then the world would be better for change. Maybe then the world would be worse for change. In the 1920’s people thought the world was going to end. They rioted, burglarized, killed. Killed for money, this doesn’t make since to me. Why? If you knew the future would you kill for money knowing that you will be dead in 2 years? Would you? I would try to figure out a way to reverse the effects of the world destruction. And hope that people would catch on. If you knew what you know now at an earlier time in your life, would you still be living this way? Would your life be better? Would you want to succeed to your benefit or the benefit to mankind? The benefit of our world? This is our world. A world that we do not take care of. We live our lives to come closer and closer to the destruction of earth. Earth has many ways to heal itself from the damage that we have done. Have you ever thought of why it rains? Scientists say that precipitation causes it to rain. What do you think? I will tell you what I think. I think it rains because earth is trying to clean the air that we breathe for us. Have you ever gone outside after it rains and smell the air. It smells good doesn’t it? Why? I think it’s because the earth has succeeded in cleansing the air. Then we destroy it again with our cars, trucks, and other polluting forms of transportation. Try this I recommend it. While your car is running put your hand about 6 inches from the exhaust pipe and feel the heat. Now, imagine that heat 1 billion times. That is the approximate amount of cars that is in the world. Take that heat and shove it in the air along with the toxins it carries. Perhaps then someone will get a clue of what damage we are really doing to the planet. Why are we wasting time and energy going to other planets to see if we can reside there? We will only destroy that one to. Think about it. The government realizes how we messed up our planet and see a worldwide destruction coming. As a result they are looking for a way out so they are going to go to another planet to destroy. Mankind is the most destructive creatures that walk this earth. You don’t see bears or lions tearing down trees or mountains to make itself a mansion. Think about what we are doing to this planet. Think about it this way if you do not see the point I am trying to make. Imagine for a second that this world is your body. We live on it. All the hairs on your skin are trees. Imagine we cut the trees down. To make houses. What is the purpose of hairs on our skin? In early times it served the purpose of keeping us warm. So trees serve this purpose to the earth. They provide shade and warmth when we need it. When animals need it. Mountains add to the beauty as well as a purpose. These high point hills have been a great source of water for the planet. Most of the mountains collect snow which breaks down and melts giving plant and trees water for the duration of the year. So why do we want to disturb that? So I ask you again, what if you knew the future and what it holds. Would we still do the same things the same way? Or would we help this world instead of destroying it? Some people will read this and not agree with anything that is written in the past pages. Honestly, you are the ones that are destroying the planet the most. You do not understand that man’s actions hurt the planet and now this world wants to heal itself. The only way it knows how to do that is by destroying man. We have learned that over the years astronomers have discovered that our moon is floating further away from us. Why do you think that is? I believe that is happening because earth’s atmosphere is being destroyed. The gravitational pull is weakening as a result of this. So perhaps if we find a way to correct this we will be able to help the planet heal itself. Instead of using vehicles that put out heat and toxins, we should use the suns natural energy. If we knew the effects of our actions that are happening now at an earlier time, we would be able to save the planet. We have destroyed her so much that the effects are irreversible. So I thank all of mankind for destroying our world. Including myself. So a big thank to all human life.