Monday, April 16, 2012


The night was cold. I could hear the rain hitting the window pane outside. I looked at the clock on the night stand next to the bed. ‘damn, its only 823pm.’ I said to myself flipping through the channels. Nothing good is on. I heard a car door slam outside. I jumped up and ran to the window. Trying to see who it was, I took my hand and wiped the window a little so I can see out. The fog on it was so dense. I saw a man get out of the car. Wearing a coat and holding an umbrella in one hand and a briefcase in the other. He walked up to the door. I ran downstairs nearly tripping over the rug and the bottom of the stairs. I heard the key insert the door lock. I waited in anticipation. The door opened he walked through. He’s a young man about 20. I ran to him after he closed the door. Threw my arms around him and kiss his lips. He dropped his briefcase and umbrella and kissed me back. I waited for him to come back for 2 weeks while he was on a business trip. His kisses felt so good. Felt like I was in heaven the way he held me. His soft hands against my back holding me close not letting go. His tongue slips inside my mouth rolling around tasting of cinnamon and mint. I feel his manhood growing bigger each moment he holds me. i break the hug, still kissing him, I take off his jacket with one motion. I slip my hand under his shirt and feel his rock hard belly. He breaks the kiss and takes off his shirt. Still standing the foyer, he takes off my night gown exposing my breasts. His mouth moves to one licking and sucking my nipple. I moan out of ecstasy. His hand cups it as he sucks harder making my nipple hard and pointy. His other hand slides between my legs. I tilt my head back as he rubs my clit. I moan a little louder. Making sure not to wake anyone in the house, I clench my mouth closed. As his hand rubs a little harder I hear the noises of my juices. Dripping down my leg my knees begin to weaken, shaking. He stops and looks at me. My head still tilted back, he says to me in a low charming voice, “follow me upstairs to your room.” I look at him almost falling down. He catches me and lifts me up. Carrying me up the stairs and into my room, he lays me on the bed. I watch as he unbuckles his pants and takes them off. I feel my womanhood dripping with juice. He crawls on top of me, kissing every inch of me as he climbs over me. I feel his kisses advancing on my leg then thigh then….’holy shit!’ I thought. His magical tongue working away on my pussy, diligently as he licks and sucks on my clit. I arch my back moaning, “Don’t stop,” I whispered to him trying to stay quiet as possible. He continues. My hand clenches the sheets as I feel something long slip inside me. I feel the object flap around like a fish out of water. I close my eyes. His tongue works more. He takes the object out and slips it in my mouth to suck. That’s when I realized it was his finger. I sucked more as he ate me. ‘shit!’ I cried out as his finger went back inside me. I heard the juices again. I felt like a well the way he made me wet. My legs began to shake again. “Oh sh….!!!” I covered my mouth quickly as I came. My body shook and jerked. After a few minutes of laying there tired. I felt something hard go inside me. I cried out. I thought he left. I felt his hands on my knees. ‘Ok, that’s not his fingers in me’ I thought. ‘Then he must have put his dick in me’ he rammed me harder. I felt my breasts bounce with each thrust. He started grunting each time a harder thrust. My whole body went with his thrusts. I grabbed the nearest pillow put it over my head and moaned loud. He pounded me. ‘Shit!!!’ I screamed into the pillow. “I’m cumming!” my body jerked again and I felt my juices squirt out a little dripping down my leg to my ass. “I’m” he moaned “going to cum.” He let out a muffled grunt then moans. I felt his cock pulse and squirt juices inside me, all inside me. He whispers in my ear, “I need to tell you something.” My body still jerking from the ecstasy I just experienced. He lay next to me holding my hand, I cuddled up to him. “I am going on another business trip.” I ripped my hand out of his as he continued. “I will be gone for about a month.” I jumped out of the bed. “NO! I can’t be without you anymore. I need you here. With me.” I pleaded. I began to get dressed. He still laid on the bed supporting himself on one elbow. “I…I just can’t do it.” He got up and walked toward me, trying to hold me. I pushed him away. “You knew the business I am in when we first got together. You accepted me and my work.” I gave him the cold shoulder and yelled “What do you do?” The look on his face told me that he wanted to tell me but he couldn’t. I stomped on the floor “What do you do then? What is your job?” he tried hugging me again, I pushed him away. “You know I can’t tell you.” He kissed my cheek and announced, “I am going to take a shower.” He walked into the bathroom and started the water. I snuck my way downstairs and spotted his briefcase. I heard him in the shower singing. I layed down his briefcase and opened it. Inside I saw a passport. I picked it up and another one was underneath it. I opened the first one. It had his picture but his name was different. I felt hands on my neck and something pricked me. My body began to jerk uncontrollable. I tried to speak but nothing came out. Footsteps climbing the stairs, gunshots moments later. I heard my man. “Get out of my house, I will kill yo….” Then, nothing. I was laying there paralyzed, coherent but unable to speak. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. “Baby!” my man yelled. “What did you do to her?!” I couldn’t move. I saw them drag him out the door. Then everything went black.