Thursday, June 17, 2010


Let us take a trip to the earlier times shall we? By earlier times I mean the time in which women and men we respectful towards each other. Why are you laughing? Is it because men never respected women? I agree. Men never respected women. So why am I saying that we should go back? I am simply stating that we should go back and see what happened. What happened that made this an issue. Look at the men in our lives and determine where the wrong has started. Every day we hear about men abusing women both emotionally sexually and physically. Take a look at the majority of the rapes and physical hurt that occurs on a daily basis. Two things are happening here. Either, men are being abused and are too afraid to say something or the fact remains that men are more and more aggressive to women. I am looking at the possibility, no, the fact that men are more and more aggressive. Why is this true? Why do men have to hit women? It is not right that his is happening. Not right that it continues. There is no excuse for this to be happening. As the years go on the domestic violence and the sexual assaults continue to rise. Are we that stupid? This needs to come to an end. Everyone needs to understand that the world is changing, so therefore the ways of the human race must change. Change in the way that could and should protect the women from such things happening. So many couples are saying that they love each other, two weeks later or that night the police authorities are alerted to domestic abuse. The male states that the woman hit him so he retaliates with a hit of his own. Guys, don’t you know that your physical strength is more advanced than women? When you hit someone you may think you hit softly but to women it is extremely hard hit. Not to say that women are weak but brute force is not one of the women’s strong points. Domestic violence has risen beyond 20% in the past decade. When are we going to understand that women are living creatures? Creatures that need love, compassion, understanding, romance just to name a few. Why not realize it now? If everyone realize it and understands that this world is the way it is because it is and always have been run by men, put a women in leadership. Make her president. What do we have to lose? I guarantee that she will do more good than all of former President Bush Jr. and Sr. have done all the years that they were in office. That is a fact. Women are not worried about war. The real issues that this world encounters will be resolved and abolished. Then she can move on to the next item on the agenda. Imagine that? What are we so afraid of? Elect a woman to run this country. Let her flourish in all the ways a man cannot. She would know what to do about the terrorism more than men would. I guarantee she would handle it swiftly and diligently. Quietly would also be happening. Let her teach us how to be better people. She will teach us how to be a better example of men. Show us and make us understand the hardships and creative side of the woman mind. No man understands how the woman mind works. This new president woman will give us an opportunity to understand her. You know what is funny? She does not have to be president for men to understand her. Just listen to her for once. You will be thankful. Shut off the football games or stay home instead of going with the boys. Spend time with her. Learn from her. Understand her. Listen to what she has to say. Only then will you begin to understand what she has to offer. Not only will you be happy, so will she. Your relationship will grow stronger and you will learn more about her than just the usual. She will appreciate the sudden interest that you have in her. While you are reading this you are wondering why I don’t have a girl friend. I will be happy to tell you. It is because I did not appreciate who she was until it was too late. I understand what went wrong and so I am telling you all about it. Telling you what you should do. No, not telling you but advising you. Giving advice that would help the relationship that you have. Some men understand this philosophy. Some don’t. I am talking to the ones that don’t. So sit down, shut up and listen to her. Do not interrupt unless you have a question pertaining to what she was saying. Don’t let anything interrupt you and her time. No phone calls, no TV, nothing. Just understand that the more often you do this the stronger your relationship will be.

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