Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are You Ready?

What would happen if the world was to end? What is the world going to be like? Are we ready for it? Most would say that they are not ready. Others on a smaller scale will say that they are. Are you ready? Are you ready to just end your life without any warning? You ready to meet your higher being? I have a disability. With that disability I think about suicide all the time. This is just a part of me. I am not sure why but I do know that I might one day be successful at my attempt. Am I ready? Let’s just say that I have been ready since birth. I am ready to take a vacation from this crazy satanic world. A world where the governments are corrupt, the police that are supposed to serve the countries are just as bad if not worse than the government. Some of the people that police the areas don’t give a damn about us. All they are worried about are themselves. I have not yet met one cop that actually cares about someone other than themselves or family. Ever notice how cops hang out with other cops. I was once told by my father that it is a world bent on the Masons. If you don’t know what the masons are, they are a group of people that are supposed to be superior to others. How the hell is that supposed to be equal? The constitution of the United States talks about equality. The original document speaks that the government in a society is supposed to work for its people. All I see is that people in the governmental status are bent on making new laws to enforce. Let’s take a look at the Prop 8 that was original passed. For those that don’t know about prop 8, you should stop reading my shit. I will tell you anyway to prove a point. Prop 8 was on a ballot to decide whether or not people of the same sex should be, get this, and allowed to be married. Technically, in the state of California, if you live with someone for 7 years you are considered a communal marriage. So in that argument, if 2 people of the same sex live together for 7 years, are they considered married? Do they have the same laws that apply to heterosexuals? I would assume so, but then again this is the US government putting this into effect. Think honestly, how many politicians are gay or bisexual? How many of our athletes that you watch every Sunday are either gay or bi? Can you honestly say that all of them are straight? According to Amanda Vollrath, a columnist for DSJ, ‘There are a lot more gay men in professional sports than you care to understand.’ Guess what amerika, she is right. I applaud that statement. Then again society deemed it wrong to be a gay male in amerika. Who the fuck cares what your sexual preference is? As long as two people are happy together and it doesn’t affect you and your marriage. Ah that’s another thing. Marriage. People say that marriage is sacred and should only be acknowledged between male and female participants. FUCK YOU. That’s right I said it. I will say it again, fuck you. Marriage is sacred and should be enjoyed no matter your sexual preference. So if it doesn’t involve you then why the hell you are ignorant sons and daughters of bitches want to control people’s lives with that crap. I should come out and say it, all you ignorant bastards, no better word, Niggers (means ignorant look it up people), are communists. I say that because that is what communism is all about. It’s about controlling people’s lives. Controlling who they can or cannot marry. If I want to marry a guy why the hell should I not? Why does the government need to get involved with that aspect of my life? Fuck you government. Let the people marry who they want. Let them enjoy their life. US citizens have a born given right, no a sovereign right to live, right of liberty and guess what government, a sovereign right to the pursuit of happiness. If that includes marrying a guy, then guess what? I should be, see there’s that word again, allowed doing it, without the government stepping in saying that I cannot. Then you might as well chop my nuts off. If that is my way of happiness, then I should be able to do it. I can’t understand why the government wants to regulate and control our decisions, our right to love. Hey governments, if you want to regulate something, regulate how much dirty money is going into your pockets. Regulate the money that belongs to the people and give it back to them, not waste it on stupid shit, like sending millions of dollars to other countries that don’t help us for shit. I’m sure you some sort of deal worked out, but have you checked lately? This country is so fucked up economically, that we cannot afford to ‘give’ money away. So I challenge you today and in the near future. Overturn that bullshit law about not being allowed (see I said it again) to marry same sex. I hate ignorance.

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