Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My happy life........finally.

Hi so here I am again writing another blog. But guess what? Remember last time I said I would be talking to someone special? Well turns out he got the death penalty. So I guess I wont be talking to him anytime soon. I was relaly looking forward to talking with him and getting his story but I guess now I wont be able tto for a while. So in this blog I will talk about what is going on in my life for now. So anything new? Yes. A lot has been going on. I know I havent typed anything in a long while and I apologize for that. But check it out. I have found a great guy that has been talkingg to me for a long time now. I am just curious why I havent met him before. Hes so great to me. For obvious reasons I will not say his name but when he reads this he will know who I am talking about. Every night day and morning I talk to him and he keeps me in a good mood. He gives me a reason to live to breath to smile and to believe. Belive that I am the special person that he enjoys being around and loves. But life has since then been the best for me. In the near future I see us being together and loving each other the best we can. Yes we will go through sad times and happy times. The main thing though is that we love each other and will be happy for all times. Anyway, lets see what else is going on. Hmm. Well I guess that’s it. Just that I met someone that gives me joy in my life again. He is truly the person that I love and I need in my life. Not to mention that he makes me the most happy person in the world. I hope that one day we will be together forever and never leave each others side. I really love him a lot. So thank you readers for reading this once again. And please come back to see anything new on my blog.

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  1. who got the death penalty ? Wow you met someone ! that's good . I am glad you found someone to give you a reason to live I have found a few people in my life that made me feel this way .I wish you all the happiness in the world .