Tuesday, May 17, 2011


“Just look at you!” my mother told me. I looked and I realized that I was covered in flour. My face got hot. “Mom, that’s what little girls do when we are in the kitchen.” I began to cry. She smiled and hugged me touching her finger on my nose. ….
The train stopped suddenly, bouncing me back to reality. I really do miss her. She died a few weeks ago. I couldn’t believe it. Although the doctors say it was natural causes, I don’t believe it. She was the healthiest person I ever known. ‘Next stop Alexandria.’ The automated computer on the train sounds like Stephen Hawking. I made sure I had everything ready and got off the train. As I looked around, I saw a little girl that looked lost. I walked up to her, “are you ok?” the little girl smiled. She was no more than 9, with a flower Sunday dress on with a matching bow in her blond hair that was holding it up in a ponytail halfway down her back. I couldn’t see her eyes very well because of her sunglasses, but her teeth looked very white so I knew she wasn’t a runaway. I knelt down “What’s your name, sweetie?” Looking up at me her smile got bigger and replied “Gouka.” That was the most interesting name I have ever heard. “Ok, Gouka.” Standing back up, “where are your parents?” Her smile still present on her face she answered, “I don’t have any.” I gazed upon her confused, “where do you live?” she grabbed my hand, “This way.” She led the way as we walked on the train platform, down some stairs and into what seems like the service area. She stopped and pointed. What I saw almost put me in tears. She was pointing to a cardboard box lying on its side. The box had blankets hanging out of it and a beat up old doll. I think the doll was supposed to be white but instead it’s blended in to the darkness so well. I only saw it because the rat was laying on it. I was really starting to ache seeing this poor sweet girl living here. She ran over to her dolly and whispered something. Her hand flailed and the rat was on fire. It ran off screeching and hissing. Gouka laughed as she picked up her dolly. She dusted it off and hugged it. I walked over to her and hugged her. “We are going to see what we can do, but tonight you are staying with me.” She looked up at me happily and hugged me tighter. “Thank you.” She said. I smiled and giggled. “Come on, let’s get what you need.” She ran over to her box reached in and grabbed a book. “I’m ready,” she announced running over to me with her hand extended out. We walked up to the street. Why did that rat catch fire? I didn’t see her light a match or anything. “What book is that?” I asked her as we crossed the busy street. I felt her squeeze my hand, “Parapsychology and the Skeptics.” I was puzzled. “What is that book about?” Walking up to my apartment she replied, “You should read it sometime, it’s really good.” Opening the door, she walked in first. “Yummy it smells good.” I put my purse and keys on the table and took off my heels. ‘What does a 9 year old know about Parapsychology? What is it anyway?” “Nice house miss.” She complimented. I smiled at her and got a towel out of the cupboard. “My name is Aki.” I handed her the towel, and suggested, “Here is a towel. Why not get some nice water on you and warm up?” Gouka took the towel smiled and hugged me, “Thank you.” She went into the bathroom and turned on the water. I hurried over to where she put the dolly down and looked for the book. I opened it as I sat down on the couch, reading the inside of the cover, “magician, unusual phenomena, and telepathy?” What kind of book is this? The water turned off. I put the book down and got her an oversize shirt out of my dresser. She can sleep in that while I wash her clothes. She came out of the bathroom. Her sunglasses were still on. “Sweetie, you can take off your glasses.” I smiled as I handed her the shirt. “I know.” She put the shirt on. “But the glasses take away the headaches.” I took her clothes, “ok then. I will dim the lights for you.” She walked over to her book and stared for a moment. I watched her. She picked up the book and sat on the couch began reading. ‘Strange little girl.’ Putting her clothes in the washer I yelled into the living room where she sat, “are you hungry?” I poured soap and turned on the washer. Returning in the living room she was still reading. So I repeated myself, “Are you hungry?” Gouka stopped and replied, “No I just want to read.” I was disappointed but at the same time confused. Why is she reading that? “Sweetie, how old are you?” looking at me she replied, “older than you think. I am not 9 years old.” What! How did she know what I was thinking? Lucky guess, maybe many people said that to her. “So? How old are you?” I asked her again. She closed her book and patted on the sofa next to her. I smiled and sat down. “Do you know what space and time are?” I must have looked confused because she answered her own question, “ok, space and time work together in the science of Reletivity.” I was really confused. I am just a waitress at a bar. I don’t know what she is talking about. “How old are you? Who are you?” she sat back and giggled. “My name is Gouka. I am 137 years old.” I started laughing. “I’m sorry. But you are a cute little girl.” After I said that I heard the voice in my head again, ‘Stop laughing at me.’ I stopped laughing and stared at her. ‘I don’t like it when people laugh at me.’ My heart pounds fast, “are you talking to me in my head?” She smiled the biggest smile at me, ‘Yes I can.’ She is really starting to freak me out. ‘How?’ then I remember in the book it said telepathy. ‘is that what she is reading about?’ then the answer in my, ‘Yes that is why I am reading the book.’ I gasp. She can hear me in my head? My thoughts? ‘Yes I can.’ Gouka giggles. “Everyone has a talent. Now do you believe me? I am not 9. I am 137 years old.”

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  1. Wow very good story I was on the edge waiting for more .....